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are bumble bees dangerous

Are Bumble Bees Dangerous? Facts & Safety Tips

We know that they can pack a painful sting, but are bumble bees dangerous? We'll review some basic facts, possible dangers, and safety tips to see what all the buzz is about. Read more

What do corals eat

What Do Corals Eat & How Is It Affected by Climate Change?

Climate change is the greatest global threat to the coral reef ecosystem. Keep reading to find out what corals eat and how it is affected by climate change. Read more

What is a "Freegan" Vegan & How Does Freeganism Work

What is a “Freegan” Vegan & How Does Freeganism Work

Is it true that nothing in the world is free? We'll explore what a "freegan" vegan is, some benefits and drawbacks of freeganism, and common practices to reduce waste and minimize consumerism. Read more

The Bioeconomy: Growing the Economy with Renewable Resources

Bioeconomy: Growing the Economy with Renewable Resources  

The term ‘bioeconomy’ means that fossil resources are replaced with renewable ones – it’s an important component of any sustainable economy. Let’s explain what bioeconomy is all about.  Read more

What to feed a stray cat

What to Feed a Stray Cat: 5 Safe & Sustainable Ideas

Want to know what to feed a stray cat and how to do it safely? Follow this guide to gain some practical tips for helping stray cats in your neighbourhood. Read more

what are burrs

What Are Burrs? How to Remove & Avoid the Pesky Plants

Burrs are commonly considered to be pesky as they often attach themselves to your clothes, hair, or pet if you get too close. Why do they do it? Read on to learn what burrs are and how to get rid of them safely. Read more

Endangered trees.

Endangered Trees: 10 At-Risk Species

Endangered trees are increasing in numbers across the globe, and their importance in maintaining a balanced ecosystem is being threatened every day. Learn which endangered trees exist and how you can help save them. Read more

Suburban sprawl

Suburban Sprawl: Definition, Problems and Solutions

Suburban sprawl has many negative effects on human health and the environment. We'll show you the causes, environmental effects, and solutions to sprawl. Read more