Rose Water Drink: Benefits and How to Make

rose water drink
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Rose water has been used for centuries – as a drink and beauty product. We’ll show you how to make rose water drink yourself and talk about the alleged health benefits of this remedy.

The Ancient Egyptians believed roses to be a powerful symbol of love and beauty, an association that is still strongly held today. Indeed, the Egyptians have been documented to use rose water and tonics they believed to support their beauty, health, and even function as an aphrodisiac. Rose fragments have even been found in burial tombs, as they believed the special properties of roses would extend into the afterlife. 

People continue to be mystified by roses millennia after the Ancient Egyptian civilization met its demise, and for good reason. Read below to learn about some of the beneficial properties roses have been found to have and then find our recipe for an easy DIY rose water drink recipe. 

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Benefits of Rose Water

Does rose water really have health effects?
Does rose water really have health effects?
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Peggychoucair)

Most of us probably want to believe that using rose water as a drink, or on our skin, hair, and bodies will make us more beautiful. But are there proven benefits? While the practices of ancient civilizations often remain shroud in mystery or at least combat scientific scrutiny, it turns out the Ancient Egyptians were onto something in holding roses and rose water in such high esteem. 

Aside from the decadent scent of roses, these flowers have also been proven to have positive effects on the skin and body. Rose extract has been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin due to the presence of antioxidants. Additionally, the essential oils found in roses, Citronellol and Geraniol, have been found to have these beneficial properties:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-oxidant 
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-diabetic

Rose water can additionally be used in aromatherapy where it’s supposed to help boost your mood. Roses continue to be used today in holistic and traditional medicinal practices in places such as Iran and Turkey where the flowers have been integral parts of the culture for centuries.

How to Use

Aside from its obvious seductive smell, rose water has many potential uses:

  • as a toner or cleanser for your skin,
  • as a perfume or room freshener for a natural, yet alluring smell,
  • as a hair tonic,
  • in your bath water and
  • in recipes where a floral flavor or scent is desired.

On top of that, you can

  • add rose water to your tea or
  • drink rose water to gain the most of its health benefits.

For more ideas on how to use rose water, check out Rose Water for Skin: Benefits and How to Use.

DIY Rose Water Drink Recipe

Feel like Cleopatra by making your own DIY rose water.
Feel like Cleopatra by making your own DIY rose water.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / monicore)

All varieties of roses are edible, so you don’t have to be too picky when choosing the type of rose you use in your rose water, but it is important that the flowers be organic to ensure they have not been grown with the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. 


  • rose petals from 2 organic roses 
  • 2 cups of distilled water
  • dash of vodka (optional)

How to make a rose water drink: 

  1. Gently rinse your rose petals in water to remove any lingering debris.
  2. Combine rose petals and water in a saucepan. Cover with a lid and bring to a low simmer until the petals lose their color (about 30 minutes). 
  3. Remove from heat and strain rose petals from liquid into a clean container such as a mason jar. 
  4. Add vodka to rose water to help with preservation (optional). 
  5. Keep refrigerated. Rose water should last for about one week without added vodka and for up to three months with vodka. 

You don’t have to be like Cleopatra who allegedly filled her entire living space with rose petals so her lover would always think of her when they smelled roses. Instead, just make your own rose water at home and use it to your heart’s content. 

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