Life without Plastic: Easy Tips for Everyone

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Plastic makes our lives easier, but it’s destroying our planet. It’s nearly impossible to banish it from our daily lives. But sometimes it’s quite easy to find alternatives to plastic options. Utopia shows you how simple it can be to reduce the plastic in your life.

Reuse Empty Glass Jars

Glass jars can take the place of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, plastic zipper bags, or cheap plastic containers. You can store dried foods and spices inside, carry your lunch to work, or even use them to organize small items in your desk or toolbox.

Waste-Free, Plastic-Free Feminine Hygiene Products

Very few people think about the mountains of plastic produced by conventional feminine hygiene products. These days, there are quite a few sensible and popular alternatives that produce little to no waste. Menstrual cups are made of flexible silicone and can be used for years, producing no waste beyond the paper packaging they’re sold in. Other plastic-free alternatives are washable (organic) cotton pads and panty liners – make your own or purchase a brand like Lunapads.

Reusable Containers in Steel, Glass, or Wood

If you pack your food to-go in reusable containers, you’re already saving packaging from the dump and doing the planet a favor. But there are lots of plastic-free alternatives to classic Tupperware: containers made of steel, glass, or even wood contain no plastic at all, have longevity, and are free from contaminants.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Bags

Everyone knows these days that plastic bags are an environmental disaster.

It is child’s play to replace them, especially when shopping in grocery or drug stores: The best alternative is a reusable tote bag. These fit easily into any purse or satchel, so pack one today and you’ll always be prepared, even for spontaneous purchases.

Skip Ready-Made Meals

Most ready-made meals are not only full of chemical additives and hidden sugar, but also come wrapped in a heap of plastic. There are healthier and more delicious options minus all the garbage. Do yourself and the environment a favor and cook yourself something fresh instead.

We’ve got more tips for reducing plastic here and here, but do you have an idea we’ve overlooked? Let us know in the comments.


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