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eggshells for plants

Eggshells as Fertilizer for Garden Plants and Seed Starter

Eggshells make a great fertilizer, but that's not the only use they have in the garden. We'll take a look at how to use eggshells for plants. Read more

Mojito Mint

How To Grow Mojito Mint in Pots or in Your Garden

Mojito mint is a Cuban mint variety that is mild but refreshing.We'll show you how to grow and use the herb. Read more

chive flowers

Yes, You Can Eat Chive Flowers! How to Harvest + Recipe

The pink and purple chive flowers appear in late spring to early summer. We’ll show you how to harvest and use the edible chive blossoms. Read more

how to get rid of roaches naturally

The 6 Best Ways to Get Rid of Roaches Naturally — And Keep Them Away

If you’ve noticed a cockroach in your home, it’s best to act quickly. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get rid of roaches naturally using home remedies. Read more

growing cat grass

Growing Cat Grass Plants: Treating Your Furry Feline

Promoting and aiding your cat’s digestion is easy. We’ll show you what to pay attention to when growing and caring for cat grass plants. Read more

growing hops

Growing Hops at Home: Benefits and Tips

Whether you’re a beer lover or not, growing hops is worthwhile. We’ll look at how to grow hops plants at home and why you should consider it. Read more

how to clean soap scum

How to Remove Soap Scum: 3 All-Natural Home Remedies

Dried-up soap scum in the bathroom is often stubborn and difficult to remove. We’ll take a look at how to remove soap scum using eco-friendly home remedies. Read more

how to get rid of mice naturally

How to Get Rid of Mice Naturally: Five Ideas

You don’t have to use heavy chemicals to drive mice out of your home. We’ll show you how to get rid of mice naturally with these 5 tips. Read more