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10 Energy Saving Tips to Save You Money In 2024

ways to save electricity
Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay – Jplenio

For better or worse, electricity is indispensable to modern life. While we can’t yet power the world with clean energy, these energy saving tips will reduce strain on your wallet — and lessen environmental damage. 

Considering the rising cost of electricity worldwide, learning how to save electricity is becoming a priority for more and more people. In addition to causing financial stress, humans’ methods of electricity production have had significant negative environmental consequences. And although the world is slowly turning towards wind and solar power — along with numerous other types of renewable energy — electricity production continues to damage the world that we are handing down to future generations. 

To reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint, here are our top energy saving tips for 2024. 

Energy Saving Tip #1: Switch Off and Unplug

ways to conserve energy light switch
You can save considerable energy by conscientiously turning off the lights when you exit a room. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash – Steve Johnson)

The simplest energy-saving trick requires nothing more than consistency and attention. Not everyone knows you can save considerable money every year by diligently switching off and unplugging electronics that are not in use.

  • One of the easiest ways to save electricity is to unplug devices in standby mode. 
  • Unplug devices when they are finished charging instead of letting them linger. 
  • Like your parents always said: switch off the light when you leave a room and don’t keep extra lights on that you aren’t using. 

#2: Use Energy-Saving Devices

ways to conserve energy
Energy-conserving devices can make a massive difference to your electric bill. (Photo:

Another straightforward way to save electricity is literally plug-and-play. Energy-saving boxes are designed to save money on your electric bill by stabilizing the electric current. Some boxes, like this one on Amazon**, promise to cut up to 35% of your monthly costs. 

You can also buy energy-saving switches with built-in timers, like this one on Amazon**

Energy Saving Tip #3: Switch to LEDs

ways to save electricity LED
You won’t regret making the switch to LED lights. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay – Bru-nO)

Are you still using “energy-saving” light bulbs? Switching over to LED lights is an easy way to conserve energy and could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Use this energy savings calculator to find out exactly how much you can save. 

#4: Ways to Save Electricity While Cooking

how to save electricity oven
Try baking with convection to save energy. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay – Taylor Grote)
  • Always boil liquids with a lid, so all of the heat from the stove is put to work.
  • Use an electric water kettle — it’s cheaper than boiling water on the stove.
  • The microwave also uses less energy than a stove, but remember to cover your food when you’re heating it, so no heat goes to waste. 
  • Be sure that the pot or pan you’re using is not much larger or smaller than the burner.
  • When baking, use convection and don’t let the heat escape by opening the oven door too often. Furthermore, you don’t actually have to preheat the oven.
  • Turn off the oven or the burner a few minutes early to use the lingering heat. 

#5: How to Save Electricity by Buying Energy-Efficient Appliances

ways to conserve energy appliances
Look for certified ENERGY STAR appliances — a top energy saving tip. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay – Stevepb)

When buying a new home appliance like a refrigerator, washing machine or dryer, look for certified ENERGY STAR appliances. According to, products that earn the ENERGY STAR are independently certified to save energy, save money and protect the climate. These may be a bit more expensive than conventional appliances, but depending on your usage, their monthly savings could make them well worth the investment.

#6: Help Your Refrigerator Use Less Energy

ways to save electricity refrigerator
Keep your refrigerator doors closed as much as possible to keep cold air in. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay – Pexels)

Some of the least-known energy saving tips concern your fridge. Here’s how to make your refrigerator more energy-efficient: 

  • Don’t put anything that is still hot or warm in the refrigerator. Let it cool down first. 
  • Don’t stand in front of the refrigerator browsing for snacks with the doors open; decide what you want beforehand (once again, your parents were right).  
  • Keeping the no-frost function turned on all the time uses extra energy. Try switching to low-frost mode. 
  • Organize your fridge properly to avoid wasting energy — fridges are designed to cool certain areas (drawers and shelves) differently.

#7: Going on Vacation? Turn everything off!

saving energy while on vacation
Jet set? Make sure all your appliances are unplugged — a completely painless energy saving tip! (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay – 27707)

If you’re planning on being away from your home for an extended period, unplug as many devices as you can — like your microwave, TV, internet router and so on. Vampire power is a very real thing, and it costs you money.

8. Put Your Computer in Energy-Saving Mode

save electricity computer
Find energy-save mode in the settings panel of your computer. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay – Free-Photos)

Looking for more ways to conserve energy? Put your computer in energy-save mode (you can find this option in the settings panel). And remember, when your computer is in sleep mode or your laptop is closed, it still uses electricity. Shut down your computer completely when you aren’t using it to save the maximum amount of power. 

Energy Saving Tip #9:Use A Water-Saving Shower Head

ways to save electricity shower
Take longer, guilt-free hot showers with a high-efficiency showerhead. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay – PublicDomainPhotos)

If the water in your home is heated with electricity (as opposed to gas), look into getting a high-efficiency showerhead, like this one on Amazon**, so you can take long, guilt-free hot showers. 

10. Ways to Save Electricity While Doing Your Laundry

  • Make sure that you wash a full load of clothes every time. Don’t run an entire cycle for just a half-load of laundry. 
  • Is it a sunny summer day? Try this easy energy saving tip: dry your laundry naturally. Hang your clothes out to dry instead of putting them in the dryer. This might be a more time-consuming way to conserve energy, but the pleasant scent of fresh laundry airing out in the sunlight makes it worth it.
  • If you use the dryer, ensure that you only run it when you have a full load of laundry.

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