how to help bees

10 Small Ways to Help Bees That Will Make a Difference

Many of our everyday products rely on bees. Due to changing climates and destruction of habitats, these little insects need some extra assistance in order to thrive. We'll show you how to help bees that live near your home. read more

human environment interaction examples

Human Environment Interaction: Definition & Examples

Human environment interaction refers to how humans relate to the rest of their ecosystem. Understanding these interactions is a vital part of developing sustainable plans for the future. This article will help you understand the different types as well as show you some examples of human environment interactions. read more

non-dairy sour cream

Non-Dairy Sour Cream: Recipes and Uses

If you’ve been searching for a dairy free sour cream substitute, look no further. We’ve gathered a few recipes for some delicious non-dairy sour cream! read more