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Quinoa in a bowl

Is Quinoa Good for You? Why You Better Wash It First

Do you know why it's so important to wash quinoa before eating it? Learn this and more about quinoa's many benefits (and tasty recipes) here. Read more

is peanut butter vegan

Yes, Peanut Butter Is Usually Vegan — But There’s More

Is peanut butter vegan? Usually, peanut butter is a mixture of peanuts and salt, then it's definitely vegan! Find out how to tell when it isn't and what else there is to know. Read more

Is Garnier cruelty-free?

Is Garnier Truly Cruelty-free and Eco-friendly? Myths and Facts

In recent years, the French cosmetics company Garnier has courted controversy. Join us as we shine a spotlight on this firm and finally answer, "Is Garnier cruelty-free?’’ Read more

where does quinoa come from

The Truth About Quinoa: Is This Superfood Sustainable?

Where does quinoa come from? This ancient crop is popular for its protein and nutrients, but is quinoa production sustainable? Read more

where does chocolate come from

Where Does Chocolate Come From? Origins Explained

Where does chocolate come from, and why does it matter? From a sacred Mayan food to a global commodity, discover the history of chocolate — a treat once worth its weight in gold! Read more

how to start a homestead

How to Start a Homestead in 5 Steps (10+ Months)

Starting a homestead can be as rewarding as it is challenging. However, with careful planning, you can have a thriving homestead in as little as 10 months — just follow these steps.  Read more


What If We All Became Vegetarian?

More plants, less meat: switching to a vegetarian diet could prevent up to two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions and save millions of lives. Read more

environmental organizations

Environmental Organizations: 8 Top Non-profits & NGOs Worth Supporting

Here are the most reliable environmental organizations, non-profits and top NGOs worth supporting in the fight against climate change. Read more