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Worst places to visit

8 Worst Places to Visit if You Want to Combat Overtourism

The worst places to visit are those that are already inundated with tourists, putting a strain on locals and the environment. From Machu Picchu to Venice, here's some destinations to skip. Read more

How to be more sustainable tips and tricks

6 Easy Ways to be More Sustainable: Tips for Beginners

Ready to live a greener lifestyle? Learn how to be more sustainable and reduce your environmental footprint with 6 beginner-friendly steps. Read more

What is microfiber

What Is Microfiber and Is It Eco-friendly?

The question of whether or not microfiber is good for the environment isn't straightforward. Read on to learn what microfiber is made of and how it affects the environment. Read more

how does dry cleaning work

How Does Dry Cleaning Work? Is It Environmentally Harmful?

Ever wondered how dry cleaning works? The process may clean your thick or delicate clothes and fabrics, but what impact does it have on the environment? Read on to find out. Read more

reasons not to own a car

10 Important Reasons Not to Own a Car

The majority of us get around by car, yet doing so may be harming you and the environment more than you’d think. Here are ten important reasons not to own a car. Read more

eco friendly resort

7 Eco-Friendly Resorts for Sustainable Travelers

Planning your next vacation and looking for eco-friendly resorts near you? We’ve found 8 incredible locations across the country for you to enjoy. Read more

What is subsistence farming?

What Is Subsistence Farming? Definition & Interesting FAQs

What is subsistence farming? We'll look at this traditional agriculture practice at the heart of many environmental debates, from food scarcity to preservation. Read more

apple peels

Here’s What You Can Do With Leftover Apple Peels

Apple peels are much too good to waste. We’ll show you five tasty ways to use leftover apple skins instead of throwing them away. Read more