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Fertilize Your Basil Like a Pro: Tips for Growing Healthy, Vibrant Herbs

We’ll show you what to look out for when growing basil, chives, parsley etc. and how to harvest your herbs correctly. With the right plant care basil and other store-bought herbs can stay fresh for months. Read more

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Ethical Fashion: 10 Exciting Sustainable Shoe Brands

These 10 sustainable shoe brands are leading the way in the ethical fashion industry with eco-friendly materials and fair labor practices. Read more

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Eco-Friendly Showdown: Paper Books vs. eBooks

If you're passionate about protecting the planet, choosing between paper books vs. eBooks is tricky. We've got the facts you need to make an eco-conscious choice. Read more

Misty Forest

How Is a Forest Defined? Describing These Vital Ecosystems

What is a forest, and why are they so important? Our guide covers the key features that make these habitats unique. Read more

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Does Salvation Army Take Mattresses, Furniture & Food? Donation Guide

Does the Salvation Army take mattresses? What about furniture or food? Follow our donation guide for what they will and won't accept. Read more

What is light pollution?

What Is Light Pollution? Definition, Causes and Impact

What is light pollution? Discover more about this problem and learn methods you can use to help reduce light pollution in your area. Read more

Fast Fashion

Care About the Planet? Ask These 3 Questions Before Buying Fast Fashion

Fast fashion may seem like a good deal, but it has hidden costs for you and the planet. These three questions will help you make sustainable choices. Read more

are paper towels recyclable

No, Your Paper Towels Aren’t Recyclable or Compostable

Are paper towels recyclable? Find out why you can't recycle or compost this household staple and what you can do instead. Read more