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How to clean a chalkboard

How to Clean a Chalkboard: 3 Simple Methods

Chalkboards and chalkboard paint are becoming popular ways to decorate your home. Yet cleaning chalkboards can sometimes be messy and require specific tools. Read on to learn 3 different methods to clean a chalkboard. read more

does red wine go bad does white wine go bad

Do Red and White Wines Go Bad?

Does red or white wine go bad? They say wine gets better with age, but that might not always be the case. We'll show you when and how wine goes bad, how to store it, and share some uses for expired wine. read more

scratches on wood floor

6 Tips for Repairing Scratches on Wood Floors

Although when treated correctly, wood floors can last for centuries, this doesn't mean they are impervious to scratches and other damage. Here we show you some of the easiest, natural ways to quickly fix scratches on your wood floors and how to prevent them in the future. read more

diy bubble bath

Why Avoid Store-Bought Bubble Bath Products? The Truth

Did you know you could make your own DIY bubble bath solution at home? We'll outline why bubble bath solutions can be hazardous and how making your own is not only cheaper but better for you, your family, and the environment. read more

home remedies for dry hair

Home Remedies for Dry Hair to Try This Winter

Dry hair problem? You don't need to buy expensive hair products to achieve flawless healthy hair! We'll give you nine home remedies for dry hair that will give your locks their healthy shine back in no time. read more

Whoever said that mason jars were only made for canning? You can safely freeze food in glass jars by following a few simple tips.

How to Safely Freeze Food in Mason Jars

Did you know that you can freeze food in mason jars? We'll share six tips on how to safely freeze food in mason jars, so you can avoid having to use freezer bags or other containers made out of plastic. read more