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what is greenwashing

Greenwashing: How Brands Deceive and Consumers Fight Back

What is greenwashing? Companies use this manipulative tactic to appear eco-friendly — here's how you can fight it. Read more

how to save money on gas

How to Save Money on Gas While Helping the Environment

Wondering how to save money on gas? With prices skyrocketing, it's time to consider more environmentally friendly alternatives. Read more

bare minimum monday

Bare Minimum Monday: Mental Health Hack or Just a Trend?

Bare Minimum Monday advocates a slow Monday to prioritize mental health over productivity. Here's a look at all sides of the debate. Read more

ice breaker questions for virtual meetings

18 Ice-Breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings: From Polite to Risqué

Get to know your colleagues and spice things up with these 18 thought-provoking icebreaker questions for virtual meetings ranging from polite to risqué. Read more

green hushing greenhushing

Green Hushing on the Rise: How Problematic Is This Greenwashing Twin?

Is green hushing the new — and harder to detect — greenwashing? What exactly does green hushing mean? How can we detect it? And what can we do about it? Read more

environmental organizations

Environmental Organizations: 8 Top Non-profits & NGOs Worth Supporting

Here are the most reliable environmental organizations, non-profits and top NGOs worth supporting in the fight against climate change. Read more

A young woman with a brown bob sips coffee from a white porcelain mug

Why Drink Fair Trade Coffee? Separating Fact From Fiction

There is a lot of misinformation about fair trade coffee, so let's differentiate truth from myth and check out a few great brands. Read more

what is a certified b corporation

What Is a Certified B Corporation? B Corp Explained

What is a Certified B Corporation? The answer is complex. While B corporations may not differ much from conventional corporations, measures must be taken to become a Certified B Corp. Read more