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rainbow washing

What Is Rainbow-Washing and Am I Supporting It?

Rainbow-washing is something to look out for especially during Pride month, as many companies try to profit off of queer dollars while disadvantaging queer people. Read more

signs of a toxic workplace

11 Signs of a Toxic Workplace & Actions to Take

A negative work environment can wreak havoc on both your mental and physical well-being. It's important to recognize the signs of a toxic workplace and learn what you can do about it. Read more

whataboutism definition

How to Recognize, Expose Counter Whataboutism

Whataboutism is a common discussion strategy used in both work and personal environments. We’ll look at why it’s used and how to counteract it. Read more

How to improve concentration and focus better at work tips

How to Improve Concentration: 10 Ways to Focus Better

These simple and easy focusing strategies will show you how to improve concentration in the long run and focus better on day-to-day tasks. Read more

Peaceful Boat Lake

Ikigai: Meaning as a Japanese Way of Life

The Japanese philosophy of ikigai is a way of achieving greater meaning in life. Just answering a few questions will help you find your ikigai! Read more

coronavirus online courses

5 Free Online Courses: Make the Most of Your Time at Home

If you can't leave your house or apartment because of coronavirus, you could spend your time binge watching series. Or you could learn a foreign language, coding or how to grow you own food. We'll show you which free online courses are available. Read more

Desk organization ideas office workspace decluttering

Desk Organization Ideas: Minimalist Tricks for Your (Home) Office

Minimalism has load of inspiring desk organization ideas to offer. Lend your office a new look and streamline your workflow with these organization ideas for your (home) office desk. Read more

bullet journal

How to Bullet Journal: Optimize Your Planning

Are you the kind of person who has a thousand post-its floating around in your apartment? Then you should start a bullet journal. We’ll tell you how to structure and use it effectively.  Read more