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sustainable businesses

How to Start Sustainable Businesses

Sustainable businesses are a great way to turn a profit while contributing to society. It takes perseverance and dedication but creating a sustainable company can be very rewarding. Read more

feng shui home office

The Guide to a Feng Shui Home Office

A feng shui space helps you feel mindful and in tune with your environment. Use this guide to a feng shui home office to maximize productivity and optimize your workspace. Read more

sabbatical from work

Why You Should Take a Sabbatical From Work

A sabbatical from work is not a new concept, but has recently gained a lot of popularity. We'll explore some of the reasons you should consider taking a sabbatical. Read more

4 Day Work Week & Companies That Lead by Example.

4 Day Work Week & Companies That Lead by Example

The 4-day work week has been a major topic of discussion in recent years, but is there a downside? We'll take a look and the pros and cons of a 4-day work week. Read more

work burnout symptoms

Work Burnout Symptoms You Should Stop Ignoring

Across a wide variety of professions, workplace burnout is commonplace. Look out for these burnout symptoms to keep yourself and your loved ones on the right track. Read more


Techlash: A Democratic Move or a Threat to Sustainable Growth?

Techlash refers not just to apathy toward technology, but an actual distain for Big Tech corporations and their practices. The techlash movement calls for increased responsibility in Silicon Valley. Read more

How to avoid burnout

How to Avoid Burnout: 7 Tips For Healthier Work

In a work-obsessed society, employees can easily push themselves to the point of burnout. Follow these tips on how to avoid burnout and have a healthy work-life balance. Read more

Setting boundaries at work

6 Tips for Setting Boundaries at Work

Setting boundaries at work is important so that you can manage your workload in a healthy way and maintain a work-life balance. Follow our six top tips. Read more