Environmental Organizations: 8 NGOs and Non-Profits Worth Supporting

environmental organizations
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Don’t know where to begin when it comes to environmental organizations? Not to worry! We’ve gathered up a list of reputable environmental NGOs and non-profits whose causes are worth supporting.

When it comes to doing our part for the planet, many of us think about how we as individuals can make a difference in our day to day lives. However, we often forget that one of the best things to do is to support environmental organizations who can use their resources to keep fighting on our behalf.

Sierra Club Foundation: A “Grassroots” Environmental Organization

Starting as a conservation effort for California’s Sierra Mountains in 1892, this environmental non-profit has evolved into something much more. They tackle climate and energy issues, protect land, resources and animals as well as deal with people and justice issues.

Sierra Club Foundation touts itself as one of the most influential grassroots environmental organizations in the US and has established more than 430 parks and monuments since its creation. Join over 3.8 million members and explore the various ways to support them.

Charity Navigator Score: 95.87/100

Greenpeace: One of the Best-Known Environmental NGOs

environmental non-profit
Greenpeace fights for the planet with creative protests, demonstrations and advertising (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay - Eveline de Bruin)

Founded in Vancouver in 1971 as a way to protest US nuclear testing off the coast of Alaska, this environmental NGO believes in using innovative, non-violent action to protect the world in which we live.

Greenpeace has gained global significance as an environmental protection organization with 250,000 members in the USA and 2.8 million members worldwide. Some of their most popular campaigns include those against Lego’s partnership with Shell and Mattel’s partnership with Asia Paper and Pulp.

Charity Navigator Score: 89.16/100

National Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Rescuers of the Arctic

Founded in 1970 by a group of law students and attorneys, this environmental non-profit believes in handing down a planet that is able to sustain the next generation as it has the generation before. They work to protect and preserve the natural elements and systems of the earth by passing evidence-based environmental laws and consistently enforcing them.

In 2016, the NRDC successfully blocked oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Help this environmental organization help the planet through signing their petitions or donating directly to them.

Charity Navigator Score: 93.34/100

ngo and non-profit
Without environmental law organizations fighting for change, views like this would become extinct! (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pexels - Robby McCullough )

This environmental non-profit uses the power of law to help protect people and the planet while combatting climate change. Their areas of focus include the wild (both land and life), healthy communities and clean energy.

By donating to Earthjustice, 79 percent of every dollar goes directly to program work. They take on court cases and enable many smaller non-profits to have a voice and to get the legal assistance they need. Whether you choose to donate your time or your money, you will be doing the earth justice with this environmental organization.

Charity Navigator Score: 96.12/100

National Geographic Society: Fund Conservation, Research and Journalism

The National Geographic Society is an environmental non-profit that focuses on the conservation of what makes our world unique. They support scientific research and use technology and brilliant story-telling for the conservation of forests, oceans, habitats, species and societies.

Your donations to this environmental organization are able to keep conservationists in the field, photographers and videographers capturing and promoting our wilderness, and scientists continuing to research and discover.

Charity Navigator Score: 100/100

350.Org: Environmental Organization Fighting Fossil Fuels

With the goal of ending the use of fossil fuels by making the transition to renewable energy, this environmental NGO founded in 2008. The name comes from 350 parts per million, which is the safe concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. They believe that bringing together people of all backgrounds plays an integral role in this climate crisis.

Support via direct donations, fundraising campaigns, stock donations, bitcoin/cryptocurrency donations or through employee matching gifts.

Charity Navigator Score: 94.99/100

Friends of the Earth (FOE): The NGO That Fought the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Friends of the Earth is an environmental NGO fighting for a healthier and just world. Their focal areas include climate/energy issues, food and agriculture and forest and ocean conservation. One of the environmental organization’s most recent wins was the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Ways to support them include becoming a member, monetary donations, and petition signing.

Charity Navigator Score: 90.57/100

Waterkeeper Alliance: Protecting Waterways and Fighting Pollution

The world cannot operate without clean waterways — humans, flora and fauna rely on it.

Focusing their efforts solely on clean water, this environmental non-profit holds water polluters accountable through their Waterkeeper groups. Additionally, they have succeeded in protecting more than 2.77 million square miles of waterways worldwide.

Their three main campaigns are for strong environmental regulations, ending the reliance on fossil fuels and combating the pollution caused by industrial meat production. You can choose to donate, volunteer or become a Waterkeeper.

Charity Navigator Score: 91.82/100

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