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Humanity faces severe and ever-increasing environmental and social challenges. Yet, sustainability is still not a top priority for many political or business leaders and most US consumers. The time to act is not now but yesterday. We are running out of time to save our planet from irreversible damage, the consequences of which we will not truly understand until too late.  

At Utopia, we inspire change. We bring together people, organizations and companies to affect real contributions towards a greener world. And, rather than focussing on doom, we advise our readers about how to make small, realistic changes to improve the sustainability of our planet.

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Our contribution: Sustainable consumer advice

At, we dig through companies’ greenwashing and posturing to give our readers the information they need to make greener and fairer choices. Sustainable living and consumption can only be achieved on a broad scale if it is attractive and affordable for all people. 

Everyone starts somewhere—and we meet our readers where they are. Rather than preach or judge, we provide comprehensive guides and readable articles that help our readers make informed, sustainable, realistic choices.

Once you make that first step towards living and consuming more sustainably, you’ll see how easy it is and how great it feels.

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(Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash – Krisztina Papp)  (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash - Krisztina Papp) – Reaching out to new audiences

Utopia started in 2007 as—a source for sustainability news and advice in Germany. After becoming the most popular magazine of this kind in Germany, we are tackling a new market—America. publishes hundreds of original and thoroughly researched articles inspired by what is important to Americans.

Why the US?  

We know that millions of Americans are concerned about climate change. Many, particularly those affected by drought and wildfire, are directly impacted by it. More and more people across the US are talking about living greener. Furthermore, many initiatives, businesses and bodies are emerging to join the fight against climate change. Of course, lots of people aren’t concerned at all, and time is running out to convince them. We are battling against a massive amount of misinformation about sustainability and the reality of climate change.

That’s important, as the US is a global trendsetter. The rest of the world looks to American products, American perspectives and American movements for inspiration. Together with our readers, we will shape the conversation surrounding sustainability and shift the tides of social responsibility toward a greener, fairer future for our planet.

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(Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash – Morgan Lane) (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash - Morgan Lane)

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In no way does this commission directly affect you as a user. It does not influence price offers on partner websites or the selection process of Utopia’s product recommendations and services. These are made solely based on the sustainable value of the products in question. Affiliate links are inserted upon article completion and do not influence the research process of our editors. 

Editors at Utopia have one primary goal: to provide you with the best possible advice on sustainable consumption. 

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Note: We intermittently look for motivated and talented freelance writers from the US. If that’s you, feel free to send your resume and text samples to team [AT] utopia [DOT] org. 

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