About Utopia

Utopia’s Mission

Our Vision: Sustainable Development in Business and Society!

Humanity faces severe and ever increasing environmental and social challenges. Yet sustainability is unfortunately not a top priority for many – neither on the political agenda, nor to the majority of consumers and business leaders. But the time to act has truly come.

That is why we aim to bring together people, organizations, and companies in the common cause of making an effective contribution to sustainable economic and social development. We are not against development, but rather want to encourage a new approach to development that is both sustainable and fair to the environment as well as the world’s citizens.

Our Contribution: Sustainable Consumer Advice

With Utopia.org, we want to inform and inspire millions of consumers to positively change their consumption habits and support products and companies that are sustainable and fair. We are convinced that sustainable consumption will only be achieved on a broad social scale if it is attractive and also affordable for the end consumer. That is why we want to make it as easy as possible for our readers to choose products and services that are also sustainable alternatives.

Our approach: Utopia combines the expert advice of an independent editorial team with the opinions and recommendations of more than 90,000 registered community members who test and evaluate Utopia’s sustainable products and services.

At the same time, it is not our goal to be pedantic or preachy, but rather to provide comprehensive information that ultimately helps the reader make informed and sustainable choices. Utopia hopes to motivate people to take the next step toward sustainability — no matter how big or small it is, as even small efforts add up to large effects in the long run. From our own experience, we see that once the consumer begins to consume in a more sustainable fashion, s/he sees how easy it is indeed and what a positive effect it has not only on the environment and society, but also for his/her own well-being.

Utopia started as utopia.de around 2007 in Germany – selected content is available on Utopia.org in English.

More Information about our holding: Green Lifestyle Group / Hamburg – Germany

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In no way does this commission directly affect you as a user. It does not influence price offers on partner websites nor does it impact the selection process of Utopia’s product recommendations and services. These recommendations are made solely on the basis of the sustainable value of the products in question. Affiliate links are inserted upon article completion and have no influence on the research process of our editors. Editors at Utopia follow one primary goal: they strive to provide you with the best possible advice on sustainable consumption.