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combat climate change action steps

15 Simple Ways to Prevent Climate Change

The effects of climate change are increasingly evident. Here are some simple ways to prevent climate change and help the planet. Read more

climate change deniers

The 15 Most Dangerous Climate Change Deniers in America

From Donald Trump to Koch Industries, these climate change deniers weave a web of misinformation that hinders climate action. Read more

global warming vs climate change

Global Warming vs. Climate Change: What’s With the Name Debate?

Global warming vs. climate change — can the terms be used interchangeably? Let's dive in and find out what they mean. Read more

history of environmentalism

The History of Environmentalism & Why It Matters

The history of environmentalism is as long as it is fascinating. Let's take a closer look at environmentalism history to understand the importance of this social movement. Read more

what causes fog

What Causes Fog and How Does Global Warming Affect It?

Have you ever wondered what causes fog? There's a lot more to it than meets the eye and global warming is affecting it. Why does that matter? Read on to find out. Read more

community solar

Can’t Install Solar Panels? Community Solar Might Be the Way to Go

Community solar projects have the potential to democratize access to renewable energy while also empowering local communities, but are they feasible? Read more

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Where Are We 2 Months Later?

In February 2023 a huge earthquake struck in Turkey and Syria causing widespread devastation. We'll discuss where we are a month later and what you can do to help the victims. Read more

climate change hoax

The Great Climate Change Hoax? How to Fight Climate Denial

Climate change denial and belief in the "climate change hoax" pose a serious threat to environmental protection. Here's how to stand up to climate change deniers. Read more