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Climate Change

solutions to deforestation

6 Solutions to Deforestation and What You Can Do

Solutions to deforestation are crucial to slowing the effects of climate change and sustaining biodiversity and resources. Here are the causes of deforestation and how to stop it. Read more

climate change impact on coffee

Why Climate Change Will Make Coffee Scarce

How will climate change affect coffee-growing regions of the world and threaten your morning cup of joe? Read on to learn how coffee may become exceedingly rare. Read more

Eco-anxiety stress about climate change global warming

Eco-Anxiety: What It Means to Fear for the Future of Our Planet

Eco-anxiety is real. We'll outline how fear for our planet's future manifests itself, what it means and how to cope with it. Read more

what is paris climate agreement

What Is the Paris Climate Agreement, and Has It Already Failed?

The Paris Climate Agreement, also known as the Paris Climate Accords, is a global treaty that binds the world in a single effort to combat climate change. Read more

green bloggers.

12 Green Bloggers You Should Be Following

Check out these 12 green bloggers who are drawing attention to intersectional environmentalism and educating the public on how to live more sustainably and ethically. Read more

fossil fuels examples

Everything You Need to Know About Fossil Fuels

You've definitely heard of fossil fuels and might already have strong opinions about them. But do you know the basics? Read on to find a simple explanation of fossil fuels. Read more

eco anxiety

Eco-Anxiety: What It Is and 6 Ways To Combat It

With news of climate change and global warming, it's easy to worry about the future of our planet. We'll explain what eco-anxiety is and how you can combat it. Read more

Fridays For Future

Fridays For Future USA: What You Should Know About the Movement

Fridays For Future is a rapidly growing movement of young people determined to protect their future and provoke change. Read on to learn about the movement and how to join it. Read more