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Climate Change

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Concern For the Planet is Core Reason For Dietary Change According to Study

Consumers are now becoming more concerned of their own individual efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle. New research by FMCG Gurus shows that 63 percent of consumers are concerned about the state of the environment and 54 percent of consumer believe it has become worse over the last two years. Read more

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Study: Plant-Based Diets up to 84% More Environmentally Friendly than Omnivorous Diets

One of the main reasons why many consumers want to become vegan is the comparatively high eco-friendliness of a plant-based diet. A new study published in “The Lancet Planetary Health” shows that this argument is supported by scientific evidence. Read more

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Big Meat & Dairy to Surpass Oil as Biggest Pollutors

An new study analyses emissions from 35 of the world’s biggest meat and dairy companies, and asks how they are addressing these effects to avoid climate catastrophe. “The short answer: These companies are pursuing growth strategies that will actually increase their emission”. Big Meat and Dairy are Heating up our Planet. Read more

Lewis Hamilton Says Go Vegan to Save Our Planet

Lewis Hamilton Says Go Vegan to Save Our Planet

Sky News has published a rather critical piece about vegan athlete Lewis Hamilton, who recently said on Instagram that adopting a vegan diet is the “only way to truly save our planet”, and that animal agriculture is the number one cause of climate change. Here we provide the data to back him up. Read more

Rain Forest Burning

The Amazon is up in Flames – 9 Things You Can Do

The Amazon forest is burning and the world is looking on helplessly? Not anymore: In addition to the thousands of people sharing images throughout social media, we too can take action. Read more

What If We All Became Vegetarians?

Switching to a vegetarian diet could prevent up to two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions and save millions of lives, according to an Oxford study. Read more