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geodesic dome house

Geodesic Dome House: What Is It — And What For?

Geodesic dome houses are not an entirely new concept, but have yet to become a construction norm despite their many benefits. Keep reading to learn more. Read more


Ecopsychology: What Is it & Can I Study it?

Ecopsychology views human psychological wellness as connected to the natural environment — immersing ourselves in nature affects mental and physical health. Read more

thermal pollution

Thermal Pollution: What Is It and What’s the Damage?

Thermal pollution is a real and persistent problem in our modern society. The effects of thermal pollution illustrate how changes in temperature can have detrimental effects on the environment. Read more

Movies about sustainability

The 16 Best Movies & Documentaries About Sustainability & the Environment in 2022

The following recent documentaries and movies about sustainability demonstrate why being an environmentalist is crucial to the health of our planet and humanity. Read more

What do corals eat

What Do Corals Eat & How Is It Affected by Climate Change?

Climate change is the greatest global threat to the coral reef ecosystem. Keep reading to find out what corals eat and how it is affected by climate change. Read more

The Bioeconomy: Growing the Economy with Renewable Resources

Bioeconomy: Growing the Economy with Renewable Resources  

The term ‘bioeconomy’ means that fossil resources are replaced with renewable ones – it’s an important component of any sustainable economy. Let’s explain what bioeconomy is all about.  Read more

Coral reef bleaching.

Coral Bleaching: Why Reefs Are Dying – and How to Help

Coral reef bleaching is the loss of color in corals due to factors such as pollution and heat. Learn about why coral reefs are dying and how you can help with their preservation. Read more

what causes floods

What Causes Floods & How Does Climate Change Contribute?

Flooding is becoming increasingly more common around the globe. We'll take a closer look at what causes floods, how climate change plays into it, and share some tips on how to stay safe. Read more