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Ecocide: Meaning, Examples and Solutions

Here we bring together a definition of ecocide and its effect in the US. We'll examine the ramifications, underlying issues, and proposed solutions to this problem. Read more

difference between a tornado and a hurricane

What’s the Difference Between a Tornado and a Hurricane?

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careers in environmental science

13 Exciting Careers in Environmental Science

Careers in environmental science are incredibly varied, ranging from lab or office work to working in the field. Check out these rewarding potential job choices. Read more

Hurricanes vs typhoons

Hurricanes vs. Typhoons: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to hurricanes vs. typhoons, the differences are minimal and the similarities abundant. Find out more about these aggressive weather phenomena by reading more. Read more

What is a hurricane?

What Is a Hurricane, Exactly? The Basics Explained

They seem more relevant every day — but just what is a hurricane? Read on for the best hurricane definition and how they're affected by climate change. Read more

Educational YouTube channels

11 Educational YouTube Channels That Change Your Perspective

Looking to further your knowledge on sustainability, green living, and other topics? Here are twelve of the best educational YouTube channels available right now. Read more


What Exactly Happened at COP27?

Want to catch up on COP27 negotiations? Here's a quick summary of what COP27 is, who was involved, and what we can take away from it as we take urgent climate action. Read more

Temperature Rise Below 1.5C

“No Credible Pathway” to Keep Temperature Rise Below 1.5C. What Now?

The UN has warned that the world is still dangerously far from reaching its goal of limiting global temperature to 1.5C. With COP27 right around the corner, where do we go from here? Read more