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environmental organizations

Environmental Organizations: 8 Top Non-profits & NGOs Worth Supporting

Here are the most reliable environmental organizations, non-profits and top NGOs worth supporting in the fight against climate change. Read more

Misty Forest

How Is a Forest Defined? Describing These Vital Ecosystems

What is a forest, and why are they so important? Our guide covers the key features that make these habitats unique. Read more


The 10 Hottest Cli-Fi Books You Need to Read

Cli-fi is short for climate fiction, books that explore the potential outcomes of the climate crisis and global warming. They must just inspire you to take climate action. Read more

difference between weather and climate

Why the Difference Between Weather and Climate Matters

Do you know the difference between climate weather and climate? Understanding the distinction is crucial for combatting climate change. Here's what you need to know. Read more

what causes ocean acidification

What Causes Ocean Acidification? Can It Be Reversed?

Do you know what causes ocean acidification and if it can be reversed? Here's what you need to know about its impact on marine life and how it affects US waters. Read more

Impact of climate crisis on kids.

The Unseen Impact of the Climate Crisis on Kids

The impact of the climate crisis on kids cannot be denied — and it's growing. Find out how their health, well-being and futures are under threat. Read more

Sustainable podcasts

21 Must-listen Sustainability & Climate Change Podcasts

If you want to learn about sustainability and climate change, listening to sustainability podcasts is a great start. Here are the best podcasts available. Read more


COP15 vs. COP27: What Was the Difference?

Two similar UN summits, the COP15 and COP27 of 2022 had key differences in their topics of discussion and outcomes. Learn more about the COP15 and what was decided in Montreal in December. Read more