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maintain a long-distance friendship

6 Ways to Maintain Long-distance Friendships for a Lifetime

Do you have friends who live far away? Don't let the miles come between you! These tips will keep your long-distance relationships thriving. Read more

how to grow mushrooms

Fun with Fungi: How to Grow Mushrooms Beginners Guide 

Discover the magic of mushroom cultivation with our step-by-step guide on how to grow mushrooms like a pro. Read more

Wild Garlic a.k.a. Allium Ursinum: All You Need To Know

Wild garlic is one of the first edible plants to pop up in the spring. Here's where to find wild garlic and the best recipes to use it in! Read more

paper books vs. ebooks

Eco-Friendly Showdown: Paper Books vs. eBooks

If you're passionate about protecting the planet, choosing between paper books vs. eBooks is tricky. We've got the facts you need to make an eco-conscious choice. Read more

does salvation army take mattresses

Does Salvation Army Take Mattresses, Furniture & Food? Donation Guide

Does the Salvation Army take mattresses? What about furniture or food? Follow our donation guide for what they will and won't accept. Read more

Laundry drying on a clothes line on a sunny day.

Tips & Tricks for Hand Washing Clothes Like A Pro

Don't risk damaging your favorite clothes! Our guide to hand washing clothes will give you the results you want with minimal effort. Read more

Are praying mantises endangered

Are Praying Mantises Endangered? Facts & Easy Removal Tips

Are praying mantises endangered? We have the facts and removal methods you need to avoid getting bitten and remove them safely. Read more

can you freeze cooked rice

Can You Freeze Cooked Rice? Yes, Here’s How

Can you freeze cooked rice? Yes, once you have the know-how. Learn how to freeze rice and find inspiration in our recipes for ways to use it afterward. Read more