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zero waste products gifts for everyone

9 Zero-Waste Gift Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank

Smart and sustainable everyday decisions can make a difference. Spread the word by easily combining responsible living with a thoughtful zero waste gift. Read more

Sweet potatoes plastic packaging eliminate waste

How To Put an End To Buying Vegetables in Plastic Packaging

Plastic-free shopping isn't hard. Everybody can contribute to waste reduction by cutting wrapped up groceries from their shopping list. We'll show you how – in three easy tips. Read more

potato sprouts

This Is How You Can Tell if Potatoes Are Bad

When are potatoes bad? After a potato sprouts, it can become poisonous and unfit to eat. Here’s how to tell whether or not a potato is still okay to eat. Read more

storing potatoes - where to store potatoes

How To Store Potatoes to Keep Them Fresh Longer

Storing potatoes is easy! There are a few things to know about where and how to store them. Read more to find out the best ways to store potatoes. Read more

storing food

Why You Need to Store Bananas and Apples Separately

Stretch your food budget, improve taste, and decrease waste with the following tips teaching you optimal storage practices for your food. Read more

Edge effects

Edge Effects: How Humans Interfere With the Ecotone

There are in-between places in the environment that harbor a wide variety of life. This is where edge effects appear. But as humans impact these spaces, concern grows. Read more

Candles are a great add-on for many occasions.

How To Make Scented Candles at Home

Try making scented candles from leftover wax instead of throwing it out. We’ll look at how to make a DIY scented candle, and how to customize the scents. Read more

Green Thanksgiving tips

8 Simple Ways to Have a Green Thanksgiving

Celebrating a green Thanksgiving doesn't necessarily mean raising your own organically-fed turkey in the backyard. Especially on this cherished American holiday, making small changes to your celebratory holiday routines can make your celebration a bit more sustainable. Read more