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Reforestation: What It Is, Why It Matters & How to Help

Reforestation efforts are underway to help fight climate change across the globe. Learn why reforestation is important and how you can get involved. Read more

biomass fuels

Biomass Fuels: Pros and Cons

Biomass fuels use organic matter to create energy, but does that make them a clean energy source? We'll look at biomass fuels and their impacts on the environment. Read more

How to store an aloe vera leaf

How To Store an Aloe Vera Leaf (Without Any Plastic)

Learning how to store an aloe vera leaf is useful, as the leaves can rot easily. Follow this guide for storing aloe vera leaves without using plastic. Read more

How to Store Carrots Like a Pro storing carrots at home

How to Store Carrots & Make Them Last (3 Methods)

Storing carrots the right way keeps them fresh for longer. Here are two easy methods to help you reduce food waste. Read more

Watermelon rinds on a plate

4 Watermelon Rind Recipes & Surprising Benefits

Watermelon rind is healthy and tasty. Here are 4 creative recipes (including pickled watermelon rind!) to use leftovers and avoid food waste. Read more

fridge temperature and organization

Fridge Organization Ideas: Ideal Temperature, Tips & More

Are you looking for the best fridge organization ideas? Here are some tips on ideal fridge temperature and proper fridge organization. Read more

Vegetable scraps pumpkin seeds

How to Reuse Leftover Food: 8 Ideas

Pumpkin seeds, carrot peels and radish leaves don’t often make it onto our plates, but rather end up in the garbage. Do they really need to? We’ll show you some creative ways to reuse these leftover kitchen scraps. Read more

Clothing Rental Services

The 6 Best & Sustainable Places to Rent Clothes Online

Renting clothes online is a great way of reducing fashion's carbon footprint. Here are 6 clothing rental services for a more sustainable wardrobe. Read more