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Terra Preta

Terra Preta: What’s So Special About Amazonian Dark Earths?

This mysterious Amazonian soil can stay rich and productive for centuries. Read below to learn about terra preta, its origins, and how to make some for your own garden. Read more

sponge city

What Is a Sponge City? Definition, Uses and Examples

Sponge cities are being developed throughout China in order to fight dramatic flooding induced by climate change. The rest of the world can follow this example. Read more

Reuse plastic bags

14 Easy Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

There are a number of sustainable, creative ways to reuse plastic bags. Follow this guide to reduce your environmental impact and save money around the house and garden. Read more

Sustainable socks

The 8 Best Sustainable Sock Brands

Sustainable socks are a wardrobe necessity. We’ve compiled a list of the eight best eco-friendly sock brands committed to green living and sustainable shopping. Read more

last chance tourism

Last-Chance Tourism: Can It Be Done Sustainably? + 11 Affected Sites

Last-chance tourism parallels the climate crisis and will likely become increasingly common over the next years. Make sure to be a sustainable and ethical tourist with these tips. Read more

sustainable businesses

How to Start Sustainable Businesses

Sustainable businesses are a great way to turn a profit while contributing to society. It takes perseverance and dedication but creating a sustainable company can be very rewarding. Read more

Variety and vegetables are part of the raw vegan menu.

Get Healthy with the Raw Vegan Diet: Benefits, Risks & Recipes

A plant-based raw vegan diet does wonders for your health and helps the planet, too. Learn about the benefits, risks and recipes! Read more

is sugar sustainable

A Deep Dive Into Sugar: Sustainability and Health Impact

Is sugar sustainable? Is sugar healthy or unhealthy, and is it vegan? Why are global authorities advising us to reduce our intake? What exactly is sugar anyway? Find out here. Read more