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wheat straw plates

Will Wheat Straw Plates Replace Your Dinnerware?

Wheat straw plates are a growing alternative to plastic. Let's examine whether they are a sustainable replacement for your dishes. Read more

Sustainable building materials.

What Are Sustainable Building Materials and Why Are They Important?

Sustainable building materials are a matter of urgency if we are to combat our current climate and environmental crises. Find out what they are and learn about a few examples. Read more

Solar windows

The Pros & Cons of Solar Windows

Solar windows are an emerging technology based on the principle of turning sunlight into electricity. We'll discuss the history and recent developments of this technology. Read more

Unique anniversary gifts

12 Sustainable & Unique Anniversary Gifts

Is your anniversary coming up and you can't think of what to get? Here are 12 unique anniversary gift ideas which are meaningful and environmentally sustainable. Read more

Low budget vacation ideas for couples.

Low Budget Vacation Ideas for Couples: Spots, Activities, Food

It's actually quite easy to travel inexpensively as a child-free couple. Check out some of these low budget vacation ideas for couples looking to save a buck. Read more

sustainable furniture

Sustainable Furniture: What It Is and 10 Places to Buy It

Sustainable furniture is becoming more popular as our awareness of planetary resources rises. Find the 10 best places for furniture that will look stunning in your home, office or garden. Read more

Cold composting.

Cold Composting 101: How to Get Started

Tired of babysitting your compost pile? Cold composting is a low-maintenance alternative that allows you to ignore your compost and get the same results. Read on for how to get started. Read more

Permaculture designs

Permaculture Designs: 7 Ideas for Your Sustainable Garden

Permaculture designs are a fundamental aspect of cultivating an eco-friendly garden. They follow natural patterns and bring to life a world of creativity and abundance. Read more