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Low Budget Vacation Ideas for Couples: Spots, Activities, Food

Low budget vacation ideas for couples.
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It’s actually quite easy to travel inexpensively as a child-free couple. Check out some of these low budget vacation ideas for couples looking to save a buck.

Low budget vacations are probably a lot easier to plan than you think. If you’re not confined to the school season and schedule of children, you’ll have a much easier time traveling for cheap. Use that to your advantage and book overnight stays on weekdays, travel off season, and book last-minute deals to save money.

Save money and decrease your carbon footprint by avoiding flying, sticking with trains and cars instead. Conversely to the last-minute deals, booking far in advance can help save as well. Do what works for you. Head to an inexpensive location and book fun-filled activities which you can afford. Check out some of our ideas for romantic, low budget vacation ideas. 

Train Rides

Exploring the US by train is a prime low budget vacation idea for couples.
Exploring the US by train is a prime low budget vacation idea for couples.
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Travel regionally and inexpensively by hopping on the nearest train. There are many scenic Amtrak routes which travel all throughout the Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, East Coast and more. You may also find that some of the best train trips in the USA start your area, such as the New Mexico Rail Runner Express or the Rocky Mountaineer. You can save loads of money on gas by hopping on any of these beautiful routes and stopping in cities and natural attractions alike. Pack a deck of cards, a camera and some snacks and enjoy the ride. 


Camping is a great budget-friendly romantic vacation idea.
Camping is a great budget-friendly romantic vacation idea.
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Camping is one of the best ways to visit a beautiful location while on a budget. All you need is some groceries, firewood, cooking materials, a tent and some bedding, and you’re all set for a great time. Camping in nearby national and state parks requires only an entry fee, a campsite fee, and some money for transportation. Other than that, you’d just be spending the same amount of money on food as you would back at home.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even try wild camping in the US & Canada. We recommend visiting smaller state parks, or visiting national parks in the winter in order to avoid the crowds and higher prices. Take public transport or organize a carpool and have fun exploring nature, spotting wildlife, hiking and picnicking with your loved one. 

Beach Trip

Enjoy a beach getaway if the sun's out.
Enjoy a beach getaway if the sun’s out.
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Going on quick getaways to nearby locations can be just the refresh you and your partner need. Most likely, you have access to a coastal or lakefront beach within a couple hours of your town. Book an cheap rental accomodation, grab the tent, or find a budget hotel in the area and head to the beach for a long weekend.

You can use discount sites such as Groupon to save money on activities such as boat trips, snorkeling and surf lessons. Or, simply pack a giant picnic and lay out in the sun all day. Save more money by cooking your own food or checking out budget-friendly romantic restaurants. 

Stay with Friends and Family

Visit expensive destinations by staying with loved ones.
Visit expensive destinations by staying with loved ones.
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Think about staying with far-away friends and family. You may have a cousin working in San Francisco, or an old college friend down in Mexico City. Reach out to your connections and see if there’s anybody who would be willing to host you for a few days.

You could also suggest doing an apartment swap with somebody who wants to visit your town. Not only will you save money on accommodation, but you’ll have somebody who can give you the best tips on inexpensive eateries and activities. Enjoy free picnics in parks, see some local stand-up, and check out discounted activities on e.g. Groupon. 

Visit Inexpensive Cities

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a great low budget vacation spot full of life and culture.
Santa Fe, New Mexico is a great low budget vacation spot full of life and culture.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / darewhee)

The US News and World Report has a list of the top 20 cheap vacation destinations in the US. If you’re interested in visiting an inexpensive city, they recommend Asheville, Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, San Antonio, Portland and more. While cities can be more expensive than nature parks and beach trips, it’s definitely doable to travel on a budget. Cooking your own food, going on free walking tours and booking accommodations in advance are all great ways to keep the cost low. 

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