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Fish Collagen

Fish Collagen: Benefits, Side Effects & Environmental Impact

You've likely heard of fish collagen and its many benefits. But what are the side effects and environmental impacts? We'll take a closer look. Read more

what is crop rotation

What Exactly Is Crop Rotation? A Useful Definition & Examples

What is crop rotation and why is it important? We'll take a closer look at this ancient farming practice and how it impacts the environment. Read more

Where Does Ink Come From

Where Does Ink Come From & Is It Sustainable?

We use ink every day and barely even notice it, but where does ink come from, and is it sustainable? Here we outline the basics for you. Read more

Nature-based solutions

Nature-Based Solutions: A Sustainable Approach to Save the Planet

Nature-based solutions are helping countries to address the three major challenges of our time: climate change, protecting biodiversity and ensuring human wellbeing. Read more


Agrihoods: Is Sustainable Suburbia the Way Forward?

Agrihoods are not a new concept. Sustainable communities have existed since civilization began. Their popularity is on the rise as we fight to save our planet. Find out more. Read more


Voluntourism: An Industry That Does More Harm Than Good?

Voluntourism, the practice of combing volunteering with travel abroad, can negatively affect the impacted communities. However, it can also be done ethically and sustainably. Read more

best picture books

12 Best Picture Books About the Environment

Wondering how to involve your kids in your quest for a sustainable lifestyle? Start the conversation with the best picture books about the environment. Read more

What is glitter made of? Environmental impact of plastic glitter

What Is Glitter Made of and Is Bio-Glitter Better?

It's the biggest trend in crafts, festival makeup and decorations. But what is glitter made of, how is it made and to what cost to the environment? Utopia's got answers. Read more