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stupid things people do on vacation

Do Not Try This: Stupid Things People Do on Vacation

You've witnessed it, or perhaps even done it yourself. Don't make the same mistake again! Here are nine stupid things people do on vacation, and how to avoid doing them. Read more

types of wheat

This Is the Most Sustainable Wheat Type Growing in the US

The U.S. is one of the top exporters of wheat globally. We'll tell you the different types of wheat that grow in the US and what wheat type is sustainable. Read more

Alternative search engine

Which of These 7 Alternative Search Engines Should You Try?

Using an alternative search engine can be a sustainable way to browse privately. Here are the pros and cons of several popular alternative search engines you can try. Read more

global south

Global South and Global North: What Are They & What’s the Conflict?

The terms 'Global South' and 'Global North' can be convoluted and misleading. While they aren't based purely on geography, the definitions vary across the context and time period. Read more

Environmental remediation

6 Examples of Environmental Remediation and How You Can Help

Environmental remediation is a method of removing harmful contaminants from our environment. In this article, we'll look at different types of remediation and why they matter. Read more

is olive oil sustainable

A Deep Dive Into Olive Oil: Sustainability and Health Benefits

Olive oil has many uses and benefits. Due to the range of olive plantation types and agricultural methods used in production, the sustainability of olive oil is complicated. Read more

green architecture

12 Awesome Examples of Green Architecture in the US

Green buildings created with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind are necessary for long-term solutions to climate change. Check out some examples of green architecture in the US. Read more

green sex

Green Sex: 9 Tips for a Sustainable Love Life

Is green sex the next sustainability step? As we fight for a more sustainable future, here's how you can bring eco-friendly practices into your sex life. Read more