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Can you freeze coffee?

Can You Freeze Coffee? How-To for Beans, Pre-Ground or Brewed

Ever wondered whether you can freeze coffee? Follow this sustainable guide and find out how to store beans, pre-ground and brewed coffee that won’t impact its taste while reducing unnecessary waste. Read more

Orange juice espresso

Orange Juice & Espresso: How to Make the TikTok-Trend

Orange juice espresso is a newly popular and refreshing (yet effective) drink. With summer just around the corner, learn how to make orange juice espresso yourself. Read more

What is environmental racism

What Is Environmental Racism? A Definition and How to Fight It

In the US and worldwide, environmental policies marginalize communities of color. We'll tell you what environmental racism is and what is being done to combat it. Read more

clean solar panels

How to Clean Solar Panels the Eco-Friendly Way

Cleaning solar panels may seem like a daunting task, but it should be done from time to time. We'll show you how to clean solar panels the eco-friendly way. Read more

Can You Freeze Guacamole?

Can You Freeze Guacamole? Yes, With This One Trick

Making Guacamole is simple — you'll just need ripe avocados and a few other ingredients. But did you know you can freeze guacamole? Read on to find out how. Read more

outdoor date ideas

11 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Date Ideas

Get outside with your loved one. For both adventurous outdoorsy types and self-proclaimed hermits, these outdoor date ideas won't disappoint! Read more

what is sustainable agriculture

What Is Sustainable Agriculture? 5 Examples and Its Benefits

Sustainable agriculture seeks to sustain farmers, resources and communities for future generations. Here are five methods of sustainable farming and its benefits. Read more

oat milk vs soy milk

Oat Milk vs. Soy Milk: Which Is Better for You and the Environment?

Oat milk and soy milk are both popular plant based milks. We'll look at the health benefits of oat milk vs soy milk, and which is better for the environment. Read more