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LA public transportation

LA Public Transportation: How to Use It & 6 Cool Places to Go

LA public transport is affordable, accessible, and easy to use. There are lots of options to take you all over the city as well as on day trip adventures. Read more

How to Make a Protest Sign

How to Make a Protest Sign and 15 Cool Ideas

Participating in protests and demonstrations is an important demonstration of voice and passion, and signs make it better. Here is a guide on 15 practical protest sign ideas. Read more

slash-and-burn agriculture

Slash-and-Burn Agriculture: Definition, Risks, and More

Slash-and-burn agriculture is a farming practice that has existed for at least 7,000 years. When practiced right, it can be beneficial for forest and soil health, and be a sustainable means of food production. Read more

What is cork?

What Is Cork? FAQs & Sustainability Facts

Ever wondered what cork is, and what it's made of? Widely known for its use as a wine bottle stopper, cork is a versatile material that comes from the bark of a cork oak tree. Read more

Coral reef bleaching.

Coral Bleaching: Why Reefs Are Dying – and How to Help

Coral reef bleaching is the loss of color in corals due to factors such as pollution and heat. Learn about why coral reefs are dying and how you can help with their preservation. Read more

store eggs

How to Store Fresh & Boiled Eggs Correctly

While the storage of eggs may seem like a no-brainer, it's important to use careful practices in the way you keep your eggs to reduce the risk of contracting salmonella. Read on to find out why you might have been storing your eggs all wrong. Read more

stale bread recipes

Stale Bread Recipes: 4 Creative and Tasty Ideas

Stale bread is not just for the birds! We have some tried and tested stale bread recipes for turning your old loaves into something tasty again. Read more

composting meat

Composting Meat: How to Dispose of Meat Scraps and Bones

Is composting meat and bones possible? In recent years, composting has become more and more popular. We'll share some tips to help you learn how to properly compost meat scraps and bones. Read more