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Orange Juice & Espresso: How to Make the TikTok-Trend

Orange juice espresso
Foto: Utopia / Andrew Ballantyne

Orange juice espresso is a newly popular and refreshing (yet effective) drink. With summer just around the corner, learn how to make orange juice espresso yourself.

Despite its current rise in popularity, orange juice and espresso have been mixed before the invention of the internet and social media. When making a drink like this, multiple factors will change the entire taste of the drink, as both the orange juice and espresso will be affected. Here are different ways to make orange juice espresso. 

Start With Orange Juice

You can use a freshly squeezed orange or organically sourced bottled O.J.
You can use a freshly squeezed orange or organically sourced bottled O.J.
(Foto: Utopia / Andrew Ballantyne )

The first thing to cover with this recipe is the orange juice. There are two options for your OJ: freshly squeezed, or from a bottle. If you use bottled orange juice, look for local and organic options – this should be relatively easy in states like Florida, Georgia, or California. 

Orange juice is a very healthy drink when consumed in moderation because it’s a good source of vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system

When making the drink with a fresh orange, use a juicer to juice a full cup. This should only take one orange, but use as many as you need to create a full glass. In this drink, it is essential that the orange juice is in greater quantity than the espresso, so you really need to squeeze that orange. 

Make Your Espresso

Espresso can be pulled from a machine or on a stove.
Espresso can be pulled from a machine or on a stove.
(Foto: Utopia / Andrew Ballantyne )

There are many ways to pull espresso. For your orange juice, you can either make your espresso on the stove or use a machine. Make sure your espresso is packed tightly and get it ready to boil or be pulled from the machine. 

Espresso also has potential health benefits, including boosting energy levels, lower risk of diabetes, may support weight management, and is linked to a lower risk of depression

When you buy your espresso beans, ground or not, make sure it is from an organic source. According to CNBC, the rise in coffee production has increased deforestation, excessive water and land usage, and is destroying the planet. It is also susceptible to climate change and the coffee industry could be ruined by our changing climate. It’s always best to source organic and fair trade coffee for your morning cup to limit your environmental impact. 

When making drinks with espresso there are often two key moments: how much espresso to use and when to pour it in. These two factors will define your drink entirely.

Orange Juice Espresso Latte

Pouring the espresso first or last in your orange juice will change your drink entirely.
Pouring the espresso first or last in your orange juice will change your drink entirely.
(Foto: Utopia / Andrew Ballantyne )

The first orange juice espresso drink is made by adding the espresso first. 

  1. Pull your espresso shot: one or two shots (1-1.25 oz). If you want a stronger coffee taste, use 2-2.5 oz. of espresso. 
  2. Quickly pour your orange juice over the espresso before the shot dies: do NOT mix. 
  3. Drink hot or place in the refrigerator. 

The heat of the espresso will cause it to rise up through the cold orange juice, which will help it mix better. Putting it in the fridge allows the two flavors to come together. It is recommended not to heat the orange juice. 

Orange Juice Espresso Macchiato

Another way to make your drink is by pouring the espresso on top of the orange juice.

  1. Squeeze or pour your orange juice into your glass. 
  2. Pull your shot or two shots of espresso and pour in over the top.
  3. Leave in the fridge for a couple minutes or hours for the best summer taste.

Adding the espresso after the juice will leave it floating at the top: when you drink it hot, warm espresso will come and then it will be followed by a delicious stream of cool fresh orange juice. It is a great way to have a warm and cold drink at once and great for people who love the taste of coffee. 

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