Green Thanksgiving tips

9 Ideas for a Green Thanksgiving

Celebrating a green Thanksgiving doesn't necessarily mean raising your own organically-fed turkey in the backyard. Especially on this cherished American holiday, making small changes to your celebratory holiday routines can make your celebration a bit more sustainable. read more

vegan substitute for heavy cream

The 8 Best Vegan Substitutes for Heavy Cream

Supermarkets offer ready-made vegan substitutes for heavy cream, but they're expensive and full of additives. Better make all-natural substitutes yourself – from olive oil, plant-based milk, tofu, or other everyday ingredients. read more

You can easily make dandelion honey yourself.

Dandelion Honey From Flowers: an Easy Recipe

The interesting thing about dandelion honey is that isn't actually honey. Instead, it is a syrup containing sugar and dandelion aroma. We'll show you how to make this vegan "honey" yourself. read more

can you freeze peppers

How to Freeze Bell Peppers and Hot Peppers

Peppers usually take a long time to develop the best color and flavors, which is why fall is the perfect time for harvest. However, there is a limit as to how many you can use fresh. Can you freeze bell peppers? It's possible – and quite simple!  read more

can you eat raw corn on the cob

Can You Eat Raw Corn on the Cob? Benefits & Drawbacks

Corn on the cob is often served grilled or boiled, drenched in butter and salt. But did you know you can eat raw corn on the cob? We're going to look at why you should consider not cooking this delectable vegetable. read more

how to cook dried beans

How to Cook Dried Beans

This article offers a complete guide on how to cook dried beans. This includes various soaking methods, stovetop instructions, and other tips for making the most of your legumes. read more