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is marshmallow fluff vegan

Is Marshmallow Fluff Vegan? Which Brands Are & How to DIY

Marshmallow fluff is a popular ingredient used as a sandwich spread and in baking, but is marshmallow fluff vegan? Let's take a closer look. Read more

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt: Health, Taste and Culinary Uses

What is the difference between Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt? Below, we'll take a look at the differences between the two and show you how to use them in the kitchen. Read more

What is kombu

What Is Kombu? 5 Ways to Use the Miracle Seaweed

Wondering what kombu is? Kombu is a type of seaweed that is popular in Japanese cuisine. It offers many nutritional benefits and is a surprisingly sustainable food source. Read more

pickled walnuts

Pickled Walnuts: Make the Healthy Snack in 7 Steps

You should definitely add pickled walnuts to your snack list — they're extra healthy and well-preserved this way. Learn how to make them at home in seven easy steps. Read more

sriracha mayo recipe

5-Ingredient Customizable Vegan Sriracha Mayo

Use this mild to medium vegan sriracha mayo on a range of dishes to get add some heat without working up a sweat. Keep reading to see how to make sriracha mayo. Read more

freeze kiwi

Can You Freeze Kiwi? Yes — Here’s 3 Ways to Use It

Kiwi is the perfect refreshing snack for warm summer days. Freezing kiwi is easy, but there is only one way to do it right: that is, as purée. Read more

Gingelly oil

What Is Gingelly Oil and What Is It Used For?

Gingelly oil is bursting with plant compounds and has uses in and out of the kitchen. Read on for more about this healthful ingredient. Read more

How to cut bok choy.

How to Cut Bok Choy & Which Parts You Can Eat

If you've never cooked bok choy you may feel a little confused about how to prepare it. We'll explain which parts you can eat and how to cut bok choy in two different ways. Read more