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Boondi raita

Simple Boondi Raita + Vegan Recipe

Boondi Raita is a delicious Indian side dish, made from yogurt, spices, and little balls of fried chickpea flour or 'boondi'. Read on for our simple recipe. Read more

Apple pudding

How To Make Easy Vegan Apple Pudding

It's easy to make this delicious vegan apple pudding and only takes 30 minutes. You'll love its sweet, cinnamon taste and crunchy crust — a great warming dessert to share. Read more

mayo substitute

The 9 Best Mayo Substitutes For Vegans

These vegan mayo substitutes go perfectly with a variety of dishes, whether you're looking for a vegan alternative or simply don't like the taste of regular mayonnaise. Read more

homemade cookie butter

Creamy Homemade Cookie Butter Recipe

Cookie butter is a delicious alternative to other spreads like jam or Nutella. It uses crushed cookies as a base which infuses this treat with plenty of flavor. Read more

pickled pears

Easy Pickled Pear Recipe

Pickling is a fun and efficient way to preserve a crop of summer pears right into the winter months. Follow this recipe for a quick and easy recipe for pickled pears. Read more

piccalilli recipe

Simple & Vegan Piccalilli Recipe

Sweet, sour, and deliciously different, piccalilli chutney is an ideal way to preserve your late summer harvest! Learn how with this easy-to-follow piccalilli recipe. Read more