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how to freeze avocados

This Is How You Can Freeze Avocados

Can avocados be frozen? We thought you’d never ask. Ripe avocados spoil quickly, but they will keep for much longer in the freezer. We’ll show you the best ways to freeze avocados halved, or as purée. Read more

preheating oven

Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Preheat the Oven Every Time

To preheat or not to preheat? Here's how to tell when preheating your oven is necessary and when it’s a waste of time and energy. Read more

Are chocolate chips vegan?

Are Chocolate Chips Vegan? What Brands Are?

Vegans must be picky when choosing chocolate chips for baking, as they sometimes contain animal products. We'll discuss why chocolate chips are not all vegan and recommend some that are. Read more

things to ban from your kitchen

10 Things You Need To Ban From Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a central and integral part of any home. Here are 10 things you need to ban from your kitchen to keep your home sustainable and eco-friendly. Read more

threats to biodiversity

5 Threats to Biodiversity and What You Can Do

There is an alarming number of threats to biodiversity. But life on Earth relies on biodiversity to thrive. Right now, it is in peril due to climate change and human activity. Read more

environmental activism

Environmental Activism: How to Get Involved in 2023

Environmental activism is the implementation of direct action such as demonstrations or lobbying to pressure governments to enact policy changes. Learn how to get active this year. Read more

Life without plastic easy tips

Life Without Plastic: Simple Tips for Going Plastic-Free

Plastic makes our lives easier, but it’s destroying our planet. Getting rid of plastic can seem impossible, but it's actually easy to find everyday alternatives to plastic. Read more

causes of water pollution

10 Causes of Water Pollution & What You Can Do

Human activity has far-reaching consequences, and water pollution is a major concern. Here are the 10 biggest causes of water pollution. Read more