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what is glue made of

What Is Glue Made Of? And Is It Vegan?

It's a sticky situation: glue throughout history has been made of collagen, traditionally from animals. In this article we will delve into what glue is made of today and whether it is vegan or not. read more

Virtual volunteer opportunities

9 Opportunities to Volunteer Virtually 2022

Virtual volunteer opportunities are an impactful way of giving your time to help those in need. This past year has taught us that we can achieve so much from home, so why not start the new year right by volunteering virtually? read more

What to do with old socks.

What to Do With Old Socks? Household Uses and More

Knowing what to do with old socks is an important way of promoting green living. Follow this guide on sustainable uses for old socks and join all those looking to reduce their environmental impact, one sock at a time. read more

Clean Home Air

How to Clean Air Naturally and Why Your Home Needs It

When thinking about air pollution, the majority of people think it refers only to the outdoors, but having clean air in your home is just as important for your health. Learn how to clean your home air naturally here. read more