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tea bags in compost

This Is Why Most Tea Bags Are Not Compostable

Many tea drinkers assume the bags can go in the compost, which isn't always true. We’ll look at when you can put tea bags in the compost and their benefits. Read more

silver spoons how to clean silver

Homemade Silver Polish: 5 Natural Substitutes

Things made out of silver tarnish over time, losing their shine and becoming black. We’ll show you how to clean silver using simple household products. Read more

how to store sourdough bread

How to Store Sourdough Bread: Keep Homemade Bread Fresher Longer

How do you get the most from your loaf if you don't eat it in one go? Here are our top tips on how to store sourdough bread to help keep it fresh. Read more

what is wheatgrass good for

What Is Wheatgrass Good For? Benefits, Nutrition & More

Wheatgrass is a popular, vitamin-packed superfood. So, what is wheatgrass good for? Read our guide to its benefits and side effects. Read more

different types of rubber plants

Different Types of Rubber Plants and How to Care for Them

There are many different types of rubber plants, and they make great houseplants. Here are the different varieties and how to care for them. Read more

air fryer vs toaster oven

Air Fryer vs. Toaster Oven: The Core Differences

Which is the best option when considering an air fryer vs. toaster oven? We explore the options for you, from tasty potatoes to soft, spongy brownies. Want to know more about energy consumption too? We've got it all covered. Read more

types of heat pump

The 3 Types of Heat Pump: How They Work & Which Works for You

There are three main types of heat pumps. Each has further categories with their advantages and disadvantages. We'll look at each, how they work and who they are best for. Read more

online volunteer opportunities

9 Online Volunteer Opportunities From Home

Virtual volunteer opportunities are an impactful way of giving your time to help those in need. The past years have taught us that we can achieve so much from home, so why not start the new year right by volunteering virtually? Read more