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Tampon Alternatives

Top 5 Tampon Alternatives That Are Also More Sustainable

Disposable sanitary products usually end up in landfills or on our beaches. But there are a range of tampon alternatives available which are better for the environment. Read more

how to clean pillows

How to Clean Pillows in the Washing Machine & By Hand

It's hard to know when and how to clean pillows. This simple guide explains how to wash pillows by hand and in the washing machine. Read more

are flushable wipes really flushable

Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable?

Some wet wipes now claim to be safe to be flushed....but are flushable wipes really flushable? We look at some key factors, including their impact on the environment. Read more

But organic, locally sourced eggplants – they do not need to be transported a long way and are cultivated in a sustainable way.

How To Store Eggplant: Preserve & Keep It Fresh

Eggplants have a limited shelf life at room temperature. We'll look at how to store eggplant and preserve it for as long as possible. Read more

mango skins edible

Is Mango Skin Edible? 6 Reasons You Should Try It

Most people throw the skin of fruits in the trash, but mango skins are in fact edible. We'll tell you why mango skins may be good for you, and how you can eat them. Read more

how to ferment vegetables

Fermenting Vegetables at Home: A Beginner’s Guide

Fermenting vegetables at home saves money and tastes delicious. Here's a basic beginner's guide and some useful tips to get you started. Read more

kiwi skin edible

Can You Eat Kiwi Skin? Yes — Try These 3 Recipes

Many people are put off eating kiwi skins due to their furry texture, but they are in fact edible. We'll tell you the health benefits of eating kiwi skin. Read more

natural earache remedies

8 Natural Earache Remedies That Will Relieve Your Pain

Earaches can often be resolved by using natural at home remedies. Want to learn how? Read on to learn eight different remedies to relieve ear pain. Read more