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greenest cities

10 of the World’s Greenest Cities

The world's greenest cities can serve as examples for urban planners. As the climate crisis looms, it's more important than ever that cities invest in sustainable development. Read more

how to freeze corn on the cob

How To Freeze Corn On the Cob – Blanched and Unblanched

Corn season is in full swing, making it an ideal time to learn how to freeze corn on the cob. You'll get to enjoy the fresh taste of summer long after the season ends. Read more

wheat straw plates

Will Wheat Straw Plates Replace Your Dinnerware?

Wheat straw plates are a growing alternative to plastic. Let's examine whether they are a sustainable replacement for your dishes. Read more

Bisphenol S and Bisphenol F

Bisphenol S: How Harmful Is This BPA Substitute?

Bisphenol S and F are just two of several new substitutes for the highly toxic bisphenol A. Are similar compounds really the solution, or an equally harmful substitute? Read more

aloe plant turning brown

The Easy Way To Stop an Aloe Plant Turning Brown

Is your aloe plant turning brown? Wondering how to get it back to healthy green? Follow these steps and your plant will be back to its vibrant self in no time. Read more

can you freeze grapes

Can You Freeze Grapes? Here’s What You Need to Know

Wondering if you can freeze grapes? You definitely can. Here is everything you need to know about freezing grapes for a variety of uses, and some handy tips for thawing them. Read more

where does bamboo grow

Where Does Bamboo Grow and Is It Edible?

Bamboo is a surprisingly easy plant to grow and can be found worldwide. Let's take a look at where bamboo grows and if you can eat it. Read more

Sustainable building materials.

What Are Sustainable Building Materials and Why Are They Important?

Sustainable building materials are a matter of urgency if we are to combat our current climate and environmental crises. Find out what they are and learn about a few examples. Read more