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Maamoul Cookies: Recipe with Nut or Date Filling

Maamoul cookies are buttery and sweet, with a date- or nut-filled center. They are often enjoyed in the Middle East at the end of religious festivals. Learn how to make them at home. Read more

how to wash a duvet

How to Wash a Duvet — An Eco-Friendly Step-by-Step

Cleaning your duvet is a necessary hassle. Here are step-by-step instructions for how to wash a duvet in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Read more

peat moss alternatives

Peat Moss Alternatives: 7 More Eco-Friendly Options

Although peat moss may seem like the ideal soil amendment, using it is incredibly destructive to the environment. Consider using peat moss alternatives instead. Read more

What are compost toilets

What Are Compost Toilets and How do They Work?

Compost toilets are dry toilets that turn human waste into compost and minimize water use. We'll take a look at the different types of compost toilets available and how they work. Read more

is fabric softener bad

Is Fabric Softener Bad for the Environment?

If you don't know which ingredients are in it exactly, you might be wondering whether fabric softener is bad for you — or the environment. Here is everything you need to know. Read more

how to grow potatoes in a bucket

Small Space Solutions: How To Grow Potatoes in a Bucket

Did you know you could grow potatoes in a bucket? It's a great solution for small spaces that doesn't require a lot of resources – check out this balcony hack. Read more

social sustainability

Social Sustainability: Everything You Need to Know

Social sustainability is an important discipline of sustainable development. We'll tell you more about social sustainability, including what it looks like in 2022. Read more

how to grow sugar snap peas

How To Grow Sugar Snap Peas on an Apartment Balcony

With enough sun, water and love, apartment balconies can be the perfect small-space gardens. We'll show you how to grow sugar snap peas in pots on your balcony. Read more