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eco-friendly backpacks

The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Backpacks for Kids and Adults

Backpacks are practical whether you're heading back to school, hiking, or wandering around a city. If you need a new one, consider buying an eco-friendly backpack. Read more

Cold composting.

Cold Composting 101: How to Get Started

Tired of babysitting your compost pile? Cold composting is a low-maintenance alternative that allows you to ignore your compost and get the same results. Read on for how to get started. Read more

Permaculture designs

Permaculture Designs: 7 Ideas for Your Sustainable Garden

Permaculture designs are a fundamental aspect of cultivating an eco-friendly garden. They follow natural patterns and bring to life a world of creativity and abundance. Read more

living moss wall

How to Add Life to a Room With Living Moss Wall Art

If you're a fan of houseplants, but can't seem to keep them alive, consider adding living moss wall art to brighten up your space. We'll explain how they work. Read more

vegan meaning, vegan definition

What Does Veganism Mean and Is the Diet for You?

Whether you're interested or not in becoming vegan, definition is vital for understanding the movement. Here you'll find all of the basics, including a few surprises. Read more

How to prune orchids.

How to Prune Orchids for Better Growth in 5 Steps

Knowing how to prune orchids is a useful skill for any plant lover. Orchards require special care to become healthy plants in your home or garden — here's how it's done. Read more

green architecture

12 Awesome Examples of Green Architecture in the US

Green buildings created with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind are necessary for long-term solutions to climate change. Check out some examples of green architecture in the US. Read more

vinca care

Vinca Plant: Care, Growing Guide and Propagation

The common vinca is a colorful and easy-to-grow plant that is ideal for flowerbeds, rock gardens, and containers. Use these vinca care tips to help them thrive. Read more