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productive things to do

10 Productive Things to Do Instead of Scrolling Through Your Phone

We can all be guilty of spending too much time scrolling mindlessly through our smartphones. Read here to get ideas on ten productive things to do instead. Read more

Staycation Los Angeles

8 Must-Dos for a Sustainable Staycation in Los Angeles

Are you planning a staycation in Los Angeles? If so, we've compiled a list of sustainable activities you can do in the city – without having to worry about your carbon footprint. Read more

summer birthday party ideas

11 Eco-Friendly Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are so much fun, but they can create a lot of trash — you can change that. Keep it eco-friendly with these summer birthday party ideas. Read more

plastic in tea bags

Plastic in Tea Bags: What You Need To Know

Many tea drinkers are unaware that their cup of tea contains a hidden ingredient – plastic. Let's take a closer look at plastics in tea bags, and learn how to avoid them. Read more


Techlash: A Democratic Move or a Threat to Sustainable Growth?

Techlash refers not just to apathy toward technology, but an actual distain for Big Tech corporations and their practices. The techlash movement calls for increased responsibility in Silicon Valley. Read more

best solar power bank

8 Best Solar Power Banks for 2022

We’ve rounded up a list of the eight best solar power banks available to purchase in 2022. These are perfect if you want a sustainable charging option on the go. Read more

what is eco-tourism

What Is Eco-Tourism? Definition, Examples and Long-Term Impact

Eco-tourism focuses on ecologically sustainable travel in order to conserve the natural environment. We'll look at popular eco-tourism destinations, and how they are impacted. Read more

green offices

Green Offices: Shaping Healthy, Sustainable Workplaces in 2022

Green offices prioritize sustainability in the workplace. Here are the benefits of establishing a green office and how companies and organizations can get started. Read more