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Sustainable Staycation in NYC: 8 Great Activities

NYC has all kinds of sustainable attractions for you to enjoy. Here are some eco-friendly staycation ideas so you can have fun while limiting your carbon footprint. Read more

carpet deodorizer powder

Carpet Deodorizer Powder: A Simple DIY

This simple DIY carpet deodorizer powder can help you save money on hiring professional carpet cleaners. Check out the recipe made from only two, all-natural ingredients. Read more

Kitchen Plants

Kitchen Plants: 7 Best Houseplants for the Kitchen

Let's talk about the seven best kitchen plants. Here's a quick guide to some fabulous plant additions for your home. From care to benefits, we've got you covered. Read more

Can You Reuse Charcoal

Can You Reuse Charcoal? 5 Uses for Old Charcoal

Can you reuse charcoal? Yes, you can — old charcoal has multiple uses beyond the grill. Read on to find out more about the sustainability of charcoal, and 5 ways to reuse it. Read more

ice cream alternative

The 5 Best Ice Cream Alternatives

While it may seem like a challenge, it's still possible to enjoy frozen treats as a vegan. Here are some ice cream alternatives to enjoy this summer. Read more

wedding doves

Wedding Doves: Why It’s Cruel & 4 Alternatives

Wedding doves are a problematic tradition in the wedding industry, as the practice is unnecessary cruel. We'll outline some alternatives you can use here. Read more

can you freeze ginger

Can You Freeze Ginger? 3 Ways to Go About It

Wondering if you can freeze ginger? It's actually one of the best ways to store the aromatic rhizome. Let's take a look at how to freeze ginger. Read more

Can You Dispose of Wood Ash in the Compost?

Can You Dispose of Wood Ash in the Compost?

Adding wood ash in compost is a great way to dispose of your fireplace waste while also providing a nutritional boost to your garden. Learn more about it here. Read more