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homemade microwave popcorn

Homemade Microwave Popcorn: 2 Plastic-Free Methods

Homemade microwave popcorn is a quick and delicious snack that you can easily make. By making it yourself, you can customize the flavors and and keep it as natural as possible – learn how here. Read more

repotting peace lily

Repotting a Peace Lily: Why, When & How

Peace lilies can tolerate a lot before they start to show they need some care, but repotting them is necessary. Read on to learn about repotting your peace lily. Read more

hair straightener natural

Straighten Your Hair Naturally: 7 Simple Ways to Do It at Home

For those who don't have naturally straight hair, there are a ton of ways to straighten it that don’t require chemicals or heat treatments. Let's take a look at how to straighten hair naturally. Read more

repotting spider plant

Repotting Spider Plants: Step by Step Guide

Repotting spider plants is a necessary part of plant care. Follow these step-by-step instructions and give your spider plant the care it needs. Read more

repotting African violets

Repotting African Violets: What to Look out For

African violets need rather different care than other plants, especially when it comes to repotting. Read on to learn about repotting African violets. Read more

repotting pothos

Repotting a Pothos Plant: 3 Telltale Signs and How-To

Pothos plants are quick growing and can get out of hand without proper care. Read on to learn about repotting pothos plants and what you should look out for. Read more

Christmas cactus repotting

Repotting Your Christmas Cactus: Step by Step

When it comes to Christmas cactus repotting, it can be difficult to know when to do it. Follow this easy guide with step by step instructions and learn how to properly care for your plant. Read more

dry nail polish faster

Dry Nail Polish Faster: 8 Most Sustainable Options

Painting your nails is a fun and relaxing activity that leaves you feeling cute and ready to conquer the world. But waiting for your nails to dry can be frustrating. Below, we've ranked the most eco-friendly ways to dry your nail polish fast. Read more