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Intuitive eating principles

Intuitive Eating: The 10 Principles and How to Try It

Intuitive eating is a self-care eating philosophy that rejects diet rules and calorie counting. Learn more about the intuitive eating principles and how to make them work for you. Read more

coffee substitute

10 Coffee Substitutes That Are Tasty, Healthy, and Energizing

Searching for a coffee substitute? Whether you're worried about pesticides, long shipping routes, coffee farmer exploitation, or your health – learn all about regional coffee substitutes and the benefits of each one right here. Read more

cradle to cradle

Cradle to Cradle: Meaning, Principles and Certifications

Cradle to Cradle is a model sustainable product design for companies who want to make waste a thing of the past. Learn about how it works and what C2C certified means. Read more

what is miso paste

What Is Miso Paste? Origin, Production and Nutrition

Most people only know of this Japanese fermented soybean staple from the popular dish miso soup. However, miso paste is a versatile, umami-rich ingredient that can elevate many of your own recipes. Read more

loofah alternatives

Loofah: What It’s Made of and Alternatives

Plastic loofahs are a common shower accessory. But did you know that there are more eco-friendly loofah alternatives that may actually be better for your health? Read more

what is glue made of

What Is Glue Made Of? And Is It Vegan?

It's a sticky situation: glue throughout history has been made of collagen, traditionally from animals. In this article we will delve into what glue is made of today and whether it is vegan or not. Read more

What to do with old socks.

What to Do With Old Socks? Household Uses and More

Knowing what to do with old socks is an important way of promoting green living. Follow this guide on sustainable uses for old socks and join all those looking to reduce their environmental impact, one sock at a time. Read more

sage tea benefits

Sage Tea Benefits – and How to Make Sage Tea

Sage tea is an effective remedy for cough and respiratory diseases, but that’s not all. Read more to learn about the benefits of sage tea. Read more