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Best beaches near NYC

The 6 Best Beaches to Visit Near NYC – No Car Needed

While NYC might not be known for its beaches, there are several spots worth checking out for a dip in the Atlantic. Here are some of the best beaches near NYC! Read more

Travel by Bike

Travel by Bike: 10 Tips on How to Start in the US

Tired of the pain at the pump? Travel by bike is sustainable way to exercise, save money, and reach your destination. Start your cycling journey with the following tips. Read more

famous vegetarians

Famous Vegetarians: 19 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Don’t Eat Meat

As meat alternatives become tastier and more accessible, adopting a vegetarian diet is easier than ever. Check out these famous vegetarians who took the leap. Read more

can you freeze potato salad

Can You Freeze Potato Salad? How To Keep It Fresh

Yes, you can freeze potato salad, but you may lose some of its taste and consistency. Discover the right way to freeze and defrost for health purposes and culinary enjoyment. Read more

what is permaculture

What is Permaculture? A Definition and How to Get Started

Permaculture may sound intimidating at first, but once you learn about the basic philosophies of this land management technique, you'll understand why it's so popular. Read more

books about nature

21 Books About Nature by BIPOC Authors

Books about nature can lose us in an exploration of the world around us, but books about nature by BIPOC authors are especially exciting, as these voices have too long been suppressed. Here we offer 21 truly fascinating reads. Read more

What is environmental racism

What Is Environmental Racism? A Definition and How to Fight It

In the US and worldwide, environmental policies marginalize communities of color. We'll tell you what environmental racism is and what is being done to combat it. Read more

how to cook fresh beets

How to Cook Fresh Beets in 3 Different Ways

Look no further on how to cook fresh beets — any of our 3 easy-to-follow methods will produce delicious results from this healthy and versatile vegetable. Read more