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Famous Vegetarians: 19 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Don’t Eat Meat

famous vegetarians
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As meat alternatives become tastier and more accessible, adopting a vegetarian diet is easier than ever. Check out these famous vegetarians who took the leap.

The following 20 famous vegetarians have spoken publicly about their decision to stop eating meat in favor of a plant-based diet that is kinder to animals and the environment. Some have even chosen to adopt a fully vegan diet and lifestyle. Read on to learn which famous household names don’t eat meat.

1. Moby

Moby is an American musician, songwriter, singer, producer and longtime animal rights activist. One of his punk-inspired albums is even titled Animal Rights. Moby first cut out meat back in 1985 and went vegan two years later. Not only has he made changes in his personal life, but he’s used his platform to advocate for animal rights. He also fundraises and donates profits to animal rights charities.

2. Billie Eilish

International pop star Billie Eilish has been a vegetarian her entire life. She was raised vegetarian and decided to go vegan when she was only twelve years old. Billie continues to follow a primarily vegan lifestyle, except for consuming honey and wearing leather shoes. She’s also spoken out about the ethics of the meat and dairy industries.

Artist Billie Eilish is a longtime vegetarian and vegan.

3. Rainn Wilson

Rain Wilson, star of The Office, cut out meat back in 2017. When his wife rescued two potbelly pigs, Rainn fell in love with them, causing him to feel compelled to cut out animal products. You can check out his interview explaining the decision here.

4. Lizzo

An iconic American singer and flute player, Lizzo is also a longtime vegetarian. She ditched meat in 2010 and toyed with veganism over the next several years. In 2020, Lizzo fully committed to veganism and has since eaten an entirely plant-based diet. In addition to sharing her hits like “Good as Hell” and “Rumors,” Lizzo uses her social media to promote her vegan lifestyle.

Lizzo talks about going vegan on Instagram and TikTok.

5. Stevie Wonder

World-renowned American musician Stevie wonder stopped eating meat cold-turkey back in 2016, going 100% vegan. The legendary music genre pioneer names climate change as his motivation to switch to veganism. He also motivates others to do the same for a more sustainable future.

6. Elliot Page

Juno star Elliot Page is a political activist advocating for queer rights and animal liberation. Page does not eat meat and is a longtime advocate for veganism.

Elliot Page advocates for animal rights.

7. Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch is most well-known for her role as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies. Evanna went vegetarian as a young child and later transitioned to veganism. She recommends using the “crowding out” method of becoming vegan, which emphasizes adding vegan substitutes into your diet and falling in love with new foods before actually giving up animal products.

8. Ellie Goulding

British singer Ellie Goulding hasn’t eaten meat since 2012. This famous vegetarian has sworn to “never eat fish or meat again.” She’s spoken openly about her diet and has shared that she is taking steps toward veganism.

9. Serena Williams

Tennis star and GOAT Serena Williams follows a plant-based diet while training. As a 23-time Grand Slam winner and four-time Olympic Gold winner, this is an impressive win for Team Vegetarian. Aside from the occasional cheat day, Williams follows an almost entirely vegetarian and vegan diet.

Serena Williams is arguably the best athlete of all time.

10. Paul McCartney

Beatles singer-songwriter Paul McCartney and his wife went vegetarian in an effort to be more compassionate to animals. He has called the change in their diet an exciting challenge.

11. Demi Moore

American actress Demi Moore is not only a vegetarian but a longtime raw vegan. Demi credits her raw vegan diet for helping her maintain her physical and mental well-being.

Demi Moore follows a raw vegan diet.

12. Chloë Grace Moretz

American actress Chloë Grace Moretz has said that becoming vegetarian is one of the best choices she’s made. While the actress may technically be pescatarian – she occasionally consumes fish – she’s also chosen to cut out dairy. These small steps make a big difference.

13. Ricky Gervais

English comedian Ricky Gervais is a loud and proud vegan. Ricky went vegetarian a few years before transitioning to veganism. He’s been very outspoken about his lifestyle. Ricky has spoken about animal cruelty across several industries and shares video and editorial content on social media to convince more people to step away from meat and animal products.

Ricky Gervais is a very outspoken vegan.

14. Shania Twain

Famous Canadian singer Shania Twain has talked about her vegetarian diet and how it helps her stay fit and healthy. While she is not very outspoken about this, her dietary choice makes a difference on its own.

15. Adele

Chart-topping singer-songwriter Adele cut out meat over a decade ago, out of compassion for animals. She said that when she considers eating meat, she thinks about her beloved dog.

Adele decided to go vegan out of her love for animals.

16. Natalie Portman

Israeli-born American actress Natalie Portman is a prominent animal rights activist. She decided to become a vegetarian after reading the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. The Thor: Love and Thunder star has shared that sticking to a vegetarian diet helps her stay in shape.

17. Ariana Grande

Pop icon Ariana Grande cut out meat back in 2013. She started slowly and became 100% vegan over time. Ariana is a staunch supporter of animal rights, using her massive platform to shed light on animal abuse. While Ariana is occasionally flexible in her approach to veganism, she is, without a doubt, 100% vegetarian.

Singer Ariana Grande is a longtime vegetarian and vegan.

18. Tobey McGuire

Producer and Spiderman actor Toby McGuire is one well-known celebrity who has been vegetarian for several decades. Toby became vegetarian in the early ’90s and made the jump to veganism in 2009.

19. Pamela Anderson

Canadian-American actress and model Pamela Anderson is a major animal rights activist and has supported PETA for decades. She’s been 100% vegan for over thirty years.

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