can you eat raw corn on the cob

Can You Eat Raw Corn on the Cob? Benefits & Drawbacks

Corn on the cob is often served grilled or boiled, drenched in butter and salt. But did you know you can eat raw corn on the cob? We're going to look at why you should consider not cooking this delectable vegetable. read more

how to thicken stew

How to Thicken Stew: Easy Tips and Tricks

The beauty of stew is that it's thicker, heartier, and more filling than soup. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your stew is a bit runny. Luckily, that's a problem you can fix. Here, you'll learn how to thicken stew read more

if you've ever fried eggplant before, you're likely aware of how much greasy oil they absorb during frying

How to Fry Eggplant with Less Oil

This article will teach you how to fry eggplant with less oil. The wonderfully versatile and multifaceted fruit does not need much fat to enhance the flavor – in fact, you can prepare it without using any oil at all. Also, we’ll show you how to make sure your eggplants do not get soggy read more

easy-to-digest foods

10 Easy-to-Digest-Foods – And Which to Avoid

If you’re suffering from stomach pains or digestive discomfort, you may need some easy-to-digest foods. We have compiled a list of foods that may help you recover from whatever upset your tummy. read more