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homemade funnel cake

Homemade Funnel Cake: Easy Vegan Recipe

State fairs are a quintessential part of American culture, and so are the fried foods that go along with them. Skip the crowds and learn how to make homemade funnel cake yourself using natural and organic ingredients. Read more

croutons in oven

Croutons in the Oven: Healthy Homemade Recipe

If you find yourself with some leftover bread that's about to go stale, consider giving it some new life by making croutons in the oven. We'll show you how with this easy recipe. Read more

homemade ramen broth

Homemade Ramen Broth: Vegan & Healthy

Looking for a big bowl of comfort during colder winter days? This homemade ramen broth recipe will provide a flavorsome and complementary base for any toppings you choose. Read more